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  • Back to School... Already?
    August 28, 2020 Krystlle Ovtchinnikova

    Back to School... Already?

    It appears summer has barely arrived and now it is coming to an end - *sigh*. We have been fortunate to have several days in the 30°C range (here in Calgary, Alberta), but now as August is ending, we are...
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  • Virtual Stampede Highlights
    July 2, 2020 Oceansales Admin

    Virtual Stampede Highlights

    SNEAK-A-PEEK July 2, 2020 Today, we're just getting started! A little bit of a #throwback to 2019, along with our first Virtual Stampede Deal on our Mulberry Silk Bedding! Fair food-inspired recipes start tomorrow. Come on back to this post...

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  • Exploring Local with Ray
    June 15, 2020 Krystlle Ovtchinnikova

    Exploring Local with Ray

    Our family grew by one in September 2019. We welcomed Ray (a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) into our lives with open arms...
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  • Now THAT'S Smart Living!
    March 3, 2020 Oceansales Admin

    Now THAT'S Smart Living!

    From the top-selling Smart Living Steam Mop to the affordable Smart Living Ceramic Cookware, we've got your home covered!
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  • Holiday Greetings & Treats [RECIPE!]
    December 12, 2019 Oceansales Admin

    Holiday Greetings & Treats [RECIPE!]

    Warm Holiday Wishes from the team at Ocean Sales. In this post, learn about our holiday traditions and try a favourite Christmas recipe from one of our staff members.
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  • GREAT Success with TurmeriX!
    October 10, 2019 Oceansales Admin

    GREAT Success with TurmeriX!

    Here's a success story from one of our office staff. Kevin, an active climber, had been suffering from physical pain for some time due to his intensive climbing efforts...
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    July 4, 2019 Oceansales Admin


    The greatest outdoor show on earth is here! We have been working hard at our office to prepare for one of the busiest shows of the year. Are you prepared to get out, have a ton of fun and explore...

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    October 9, 2018 Oceansales Admin


    You've likely noticed this past decade or so has brought about an abundance of positive changes in the way we all look at nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Call it a "back-to-basics" approach, inspired by the desire to live naturally. As a result, we are seeing...

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