How to get and stay organized

How to get and stay organized

Organization is a task many of us get overwhelmed by. Whether you’re starting fresh or revamping your space it’s important to start small and not take on more than you can manage. To help, here are 4 ways to get and stay organized.

1. Start in a space you use every day.

We suggest starting in a space you use every day so you can notice progress right away. This progress, no matter how big or small, can help motivate you to continue. The fridge is a great place to start because you’ll notice the difference and want to bring this feeling to more places. We use our Flat Stacks to help organize our fridge, freezer, and drawers. Flat Stacks collapse down with the lid on, so our drawers are always organized.

2. Create to-do lists.

To do list with coffee and a calendar

Try to clean a little bit every day. We suggest a schedule such as dusting Tuesdays and mopping Wednesdays. We love using the Steam Mop Ultra because it is quick and easy to use and takes less than 60 seconds to dry. Keeping appliances and supplies that make cleaning less of a chore helps keep us motivated. Often, we set a timer for 10 minutes to pick up everything and put it in its proper place. This is a short goal and turns cleaning into a game instead of a chore.

3. Have meal plans that make sense for you.

A full day of meal prepping is not always attainable for everyone, so we suggest keeping a meal plan or schedule. Keeping a loose schedule will allow you to plan for the week and maintain your goals. However, we keep our meal schedule loose, so we have room to pick up a pizza on the way home from work when we need it. Whether you enjoy meal prepping, batch cooking, or none of the above, having the right containers can be a game changer. We use Flat Stacks because they keep us organized while in and out of use. You can go from the freezer to the microwave and not make any dishes and when you’re done, they go straight into the microwave.

Flat Stacks

4. Get simple cleaning and organizing products.

Keeping a clean and organized space doesn’t need to take so much time and money. Finding products that are multi-use and make sense for you can help you stay motivated. We always keep our CARBON Tuffs on hand because they help clean so many places and all you need is water. They can be used for electronics, dusting, polishing, and sooo much more. We keep them all around our home, in our car, and the minis in our purses and bags. A cleaning tool that does more than one job can encourage you to use it more often.

Overall, you need to find routines and products that work for you and your lifestyle. We hope these tips help you to get and stay organized and leave a comment on how you keep yourself organized!

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