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179.99 CAD

Quick overview:

Soup making made so easy!

Key Features: 
Multiple cooking settings.
Large 1.6 L capacity.
Stylish design, digital interface and countdown timer.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 
Product Weight (lbs): 

1 year limited against manufacturer's defects.

Categories: Kitchen

The Smart Living Soup Maker makes it quick and easy to make homemade soup to your own individual taste, with minimum fuss. Following directions in your complimentary cookbook, place the ingredients for your favorite recipe inside your Smart Living Soup Maker, then it's as simple as selecting either the smooth or chunky soup setting, depending on your preference. Whether it is soup as a meal or an appetizer, you will love the quick and easy results! While you're Smart Living Soup Maker blends and gently cooks the ingredients for perfect homemade soup, you can check it's progress on the digital interface with countdown timer. The Smart Living Soup Maker has a stylish design with a 1.6 litre capacity to cater up to 6 people.

My Soup Maker is burning the soup or not heating at all.
Typically when the unit is turning off during the cooking cycle, the contents are starting to burn. If the soup contains milk, it can scorch very easily and shut off. Using whipping cream or heavy cream (milk with high fat content) will help prevent this from happening.
When making a cream soup, my Soup Maker keeps shutting off.
If the soup has stuck (via burning) to the bottom of your unit, remove soup ingredients and clean bottom of the soup maker thoroughly. Separate broth and veggies/filler from one another and dilute broth separately first, then combine back into the Soup Maker and resume cooking. For best results it should be a 1 cup dairy to 3 cups water ratio.
Can I use canned Ingredients?
Should you choose to add canned ingredients that do not require cooking on high heat for the full cycle, consider adding these ingredients after making your soup. The soup stays hot for up to two hours without any additional cooking. If adding the canned goods makes the soup too cold, turn on the chunky cycle for a few minutes to heat it back up.