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Impeccably designed, German cookware with a revolutionary non-stick coating. The extraordinary result from combining 40 years of unrivaled knowledge, expertise, and passion in professional cast cookware.


Purchase the WOLL Diamond Logic XR 8-pc set for a remarkable sale price and get a FREE Gift Package valued at $200! Hurry, limited inventory available!

Offer includes: 1 x 11"/28 cm Saute Pan, 1 x 9.5"/24 cm Saute Pan, 1 x 8"/20 cm pot, and 1 x 9.5"/24 cm pot all with matching safety-glass lids. Your free gift is the German-made Borner Slicer Set which includes everything you need for further enhancing your culinary adventures!

Key Features:

  • German engineered and manufactured – celebrating over 40 years!
  • Two years were spent developing this revolutionary cut and abrasion-resistant, PFOA-free, 5-layer Diamond XR hard-base coating.
  • Suitable for all cooktops: induction, gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen.
  • The lid and ergonomic fixed handle(s) are ovenproof up to 480˚F/250˚C.

Ocean Sales is the exclusive North American dealer for this line of WOLL Diamond XR Logic Cookware.

WOLL Diamond Logic XR cookware has a cut and abrasion-resistant Diamond XR hard-base double coating with superior non-stick properties. The base is made of professional, individually cast aluminum unstressed and free of any trapped air pockets. In addition, there is a unique PEEK* infused anti-corrosion layer added for extra durability.

*In essence, PEEK is like the tough coating found inside a commercial oven.

Woll Diamond XR Logic Non-Stick Coating

Rough and extremely tough, the extraordinary new Diamond XR coating features WOLL’s plasma hard base coating, a ground-breaking PEEK infused base layer and diamond reinforced extra thick top layer – tough enough to withstand metal kitchen utensils. This rough, abrasion-resistant, non-stick surface is outstanding! Cooking juices get trapped between the food and the surface helping to produce the most tender, juicy, and tasty dishes all without sticking to the base. The future of coatings has surfaced – Diamond XR.

Woll Diamond XR Logic Non-Stick Coating Close-upIn nature, raised textures and armored surfaces are considerably more durable than smooth ones, lasting much longer. WOLL has developed Diamond XR with nature in mind, creating an extraordinary hard-wearing rough surface that will keep your cookware looking good for longer. Designed by humans – inspired by nature.

* Pictured is leather, on the left, beside a highly magnified coating.

Woll Diamond XR Logic Cookware Cooking Meat PerfectlyThe cooking properties of WOLL Diamond XR Logic are absolutely outstanding! Meats will be perfectly browned, deliciously tender and juicy because the cooking juices get trapped between the food and the rough surface.

Woll Diamond XR Logic Cookware Layer and Coating Technology DiagramWOLL professional cast cookware represents top-quality, top-grade “Made in Germany” products which are manufactured using the highest quality craftsmanship. We have developed the Diamond XR coating with the same attention to detail to create cookware that truly stands the test of time. 

Pictured in the diagram: 
1. The cast body is pre-processed.
2. A sandblast treatment increases the surface area by 15 times to ensure the best possible adhesion of coatings.
3. Extremely hard cut-resistant base layer, titanium particles are bonded to the aluminum using a plasma jet at 36,000°F/20,000°C.
4. Unique PEEK Infused base layer or special protective layer against corrosion. PEEK is similar to the tough coating found inside a commercial oven.
5. The third layer provides this cookware’s long-lasting non-stick properties.
6. The specially developed double top layer is reinforced with diamond crystals, ensuring the unique long product life of WOLL cookware.

Extraordinary modular design, style, and simplicity using the finest materials and highest quality, skillfully crafted and superbly executed.

Woll Diamond CR Logic Cookware Finest Mastery

Woll Induction Compatible Cook tops

WOLL Diamond XR Logic – Finest. Mastery. 

WOLL Cookware offers a twenty-five (25) year limited for pot/pan warping or buckling. and a three (3) year limited against manufacturer's defects and/or non-stick coating.


Product Dimensions (Inches):

Various, see product description 

Product Weight (lbs):

Various, see product description 

  • My food is starting to stick to my pan.
    It is important to heat the pan for 1-2 minutes first. After the pan has heated, add a very small amount of oil just before adding your ingredients. To keep the use of oil/butter minimal (recommended), simply use a paper towel to wipe the pan with your chosen cooking oil. This way the oil will not become carbonized from overheating as this can affect the coating. Please be aware of the smoke point of the oil you are using, as again overheating can damage the pan's coating.
  • I accidentally burnt food in my pan and need to clean it out.
    After soaking the pan for one hour in mild soap and water, we encourage you to use a nylon pad (no harsh abrasives such as an SOS pad) to remove any remaining debris. If this doesn't work, try using a bit of rhubarb; fill the pan with water and the rhubarb and simmer the solution for about 20 minutes to naturally help remove the carbonized food.
  • I dropped my glass lid and unfortunately, it broke.
    Contact our office for a replacement part via info@oceansales.ca. Charges will apply.

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