CybaShield RFID Protection Card BOGO

CybaShield RFID Protection Card BOGO

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Today, identity theft and skimming personal information, from items such as credit cards, have become very easy for thieves to obtain. 

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology used to track sensitive data in items like passports, credit cards and more can now be scanned from a distance... simply by someone walking near you with the right scanner!  This form of crime is becoming more and more common as technology becomes easier to obtain. 

Is there a way to protect yourself, you may ask?  YES!  And it is as simple as carrying a CybaShield RFID blocking card in your wallet or purse. 

Once a privacy threat is detected, the CybaShield creates a 90 mm “E-field” (electronic field) which jams and scrambles the information a thief's device is trying to read on your personal cards.  This “E-field” stops hackers dead in their tracks!  The CybaShield battery-free card is powered and activated by any nearby scanning devices, so there is no need to worry whether or not your CybaShield is powered on and protecting you. And as there is no battery, CybaShield does not demagnetize your cards nor set off any security in airports, stores, etc..

Here's how it works: 
•  CybaShield immediately identifies any threatening signals from nearby skimmers.
•  The card activates itself by automatically being powered on by the skimmer and proactively goes into defense mode. 
•  CybaShield, unlike other RFID protectors on today’s market, protects an incredible and unstoppable 90 mm diameter around your personal cards and/or passport.  Like a halo, it jams unwanted signals and goes to work for you. 
•  Immediately, your cards’ and/or passport’s sensitive information is invisible to the thieving device and the skimmer's unwanted signals are scrambled.
•  Lastly, CybaShield turns itself off once the scanning device is no longer within a dangerous radius.

Carry CybaShield in your wallet or purse and protect, on average, between 15 to 20 credit cards/chipped items at a time. It is the size of a standard credit or debit card.

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Product Dimensions (Inches):

3.5 x 2.25

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5-year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Disclaimer: CybaShield, its parent and associated companies, including any re-sellers stocking CybaShield (online or in-store) are not liable for identity theft that you or others may incur as a result of electronic skimming.


  • Will CybaShield interfere with the operation of any medical devices or my cell phone?
    No. Our card targets a unique radio frequency that is related only to RFID chips. The card operates on a different radio frequency than cell phones.
  • Are there any health concerns connected with the CybaShield cards?
    Absolutely not. The technology used in CybaShield cards has been subjected to thorough testing and examinations. There is no health threat.

Care Instructions: Be careful not to allow your card to be exposed to a washer/dryer or high heat as the plastic may melt/warp and your card can stop functioning.  


Customer Reviews

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Feeling Safe from Scammers with CybaShield RFID Protection Card

With so many scams taking place in today’s world, I felt it was important to secure my credit cards and other important cards that I carry in my purse. With this Logo, I received two cards. I little expensive, however, without it, it could cost me more. Happy with my purchase.

We appreciate that you took the time leave us this review Cheryl! You are so right, we need to take extra measures these days to protect ourselves, and we are happy to provide you with protection :)

have been protected ever since

On the last trip to the US, our cards got compromised somehow. No idea how it happened, but invalid charges just started showing up. Ever since we have had these protective cards, we have had zero issues with all debit, credit, everything. This is worth every penny.

Amazing Samantha - thank you! We're so glad these cards have been a great help to you.

Alex K
We feel better having these

Purchased these at a show from a salesperson who explained the product very well. Figured worth buying something that can give my family and I security, with so many scammers around today. A bit pricy but not really when you consider what could happen to our money or personal information if we did not have them. Glad I bought these cards.