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Casada Quattromed V Braintronics® Massager

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The Quattromed V BT® is a premium quality personal, multi-function 3D massage cushion with Braintronics®.

    Treat yourself and enjoy a soothing massage from the Quattromed V BT® with Braintronics®. The versatility of this product allows you to use it in your office chair, within the comfort of your own home, and more.

    Product details

    • Portable; use almost anywhere!
    • The latest in technology - ergonomic and multi-function.
    • German innovation and style.

    Casada Quattromed V BT Infographic

    The Quattromed V BT® contains massage heads that are made of genuine jade stone. Feeling just like hands, they provide a relaxing, refreshing, and natural healing massage. The vibration function in the removable seating area, allows you to place it under your feet, legs, and more, ensuring a therapeutic all-around massage for whichever area of the body you desire. The remote control allows also you to choose stretching/rolling, deep tissue Shiatsu, tapping/loosening, and 3D Shiatsu/tapping massages along with full back, upper back, or lower back options. 

    The Quattromed V BT® is your personal 24/7 massage therapist.

    About Braintronics®: this technology synchronizes brainwaves through audio stimulation. Combined with a specially developed massage program, a stress-ridden body will be able to relax. Studies have shown that when massage is combined with brain wave stimulation, it is 80% more effective in achieving a state of relaxation. Findings from the research show that targeted stimulation of the brainwaves encourages alertness and efficiency, as well as provides mental and physical relief. To stimulate brainwaves you do not necessarily need music, but without such relaxing sounds, it is not as appealing to the ears. Easy-to-use treatments with a downloadable APP for your phone or tablet. Small additional charges may apply.

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    Product Dimensions (Inches):

    45 x 16.5 x 4

    Product Weight (lbs):



    2 year limited against manufacturer's defects. Does not include accessories.

    Care & FAQ's

      • I just purchased this unit and the motor is making a loud knocking sound.
        Did you remember to take the safety mechanism out of the back of the unit? There is an Allen Key provided and the safety is located at the base on the back of the unit.
      • My adapter was damaged or I lost my adapter.
        Contact our office directly to order via
      • My unit turns off and will not turn back on.
        The Quattromed V BT has a timer and will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of use. If the unit has run through a full cycle and will not turn back on or, will only turn on for a short while, the motor may be overheating. Check that the motor has some airflow to allow the unit to cool. Once the unit has cooled, it will restart without a problem.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Fayette Radoll

    A surprise gift which was the hit at Christmas!!

    What an incredible gift to give to someone that you care about, thank you for sharing this with us Fayette :)

    I love this messager

    I got one of these massagers 6 years ago. The only reason I replaced it with a new one was the fabric cover wore through from using it everyday. The motor and heater still work. I love this massager.

    We love this review, Tamara! Thank you for sharing this with us, it truly made our day :)

    Joe Klingsporn

    Great prompt service and great product! Thank you!

    Thank you for your kind words Joe, and for taking the time to leave us an excellent review!

    Juith Vickberg

    Does a great job relaxing my back. Second unit like this I have owned.

    Dennis Langdon
    Great way to relax before bedtime

    An amazing product with very advanced technology! Use it almost every day to reduce the tension of a busy routine. Feels like the light at the end of the tunnel on rougher days. Recommend to anyone.

    Hi Dennis - thank you for taking the time to write such a positive review. It means a lot to our small business! Wishing you many years of enjoyment with your Quattromed V.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews Write a review