AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit

AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit

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Take it from a professional: “Every single one of my staff @GOCLEANCO carries the AquaBLADE, it is the fastest, most efficient way to clean windows.” - Sarah, General of GoCleanCo

There’s nothing better than a sparkling clean home… well, except for maybe tools that make your job easier, quicker, and more satisfying!

So many pros recommend the Italian-made AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit because it makes cleaning a breeze and mess-free. If you think doing the inside and outside of your windows is a pain, this kit will have you singing your own #diy praises in no time. And dare we say, it even makes cleaning windows kinda fun!

AquaBLADE Product Description Infographic

The AquaBLADE can even be used to clean glass shower doors, mirrors, and much more.

  • The microfbre washer effectively scrubs dirty surfaces with just soap and a little water.
  • Short and long handles in the kit make for easy reaching; even to places up high
  • The patented silicone blade wipes away the suds on your scrubbed surface, leaving it bone-dry and streak-free instantly.
  • Better yet, the drip tray catches any excess liquid while you clean.
  • With this kit, you can perfectly clean multiple windows in mere minutes.
  • Draw out the ooohhhs, aaawwws, and wow you did an amazing job with sparkling surfaces sure to impress!

Product Details

  • Kit made in Italy and includes: 1 small AquaBLADE with drip tray, 1 large AquaBLADE with drip tray, 1 microfibre scrubber attachment with Velcro cloth, 1 short pole, 1 long pole, plus 1 bonus Velcro scrubber cloth for your attachment.
  • Small and large AquaBLADEs are made with proprietary, high-grade silicone.
  • Effortless cleaning after a little practice.
  • Expertly crafted, patented design.
  • Backed by our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Your home, and view, will have never looked better!
  • Shipping + Satisfaction InfographicCheck out the reviews below from people just like you!

    PS -- Watch a how-to video in our FAQs to get the most out of your AquaBLADE...

    PPS -- This package is only the Original AquaBLADE Kit. For our Value Combo Package that includes a package of CARBON Tuff Cloths too, click here


    Product Dimensions (Inches):

    Made in Italy: Large blade 12 x 4.75 x 2.25, Smaller blade 8 x 4.5 x 2.25, Handle (quantity 1) 13.75 x 1 x 1, Pole not extended 31 ¼ inches or 79.5 cm, extended 56 ¼ inches or 143 cm. (extender pole component made in China), accessories various sizes.

    Product Weight (lbs):

    .46 to 2  


    2-year limited against manufacturer's defects.

    • What is the best solution to use to clean my windows?
      We recommend no more than three drops of dish liquid and about 1 TBSP of vinegar to 1 L of water. This solution offers cost-effective and brilliant shine results. Watch the How-to video below for a more detailed explanation.
    • Will my AquaBLADE fit on any broom handle or extension pole?
      As of approximately March 2020, our shipment of AquaBLADEs now fits both European and North American threading for extension poles. It seems that the cleaner head does not thread completely to the end of the threading on a North American pole (you still see a bit of threading but that is fine). Prior to this, it was only compatible with European threading.

      I cannot seem to tighten my AquaBLADE pole (or keep it extended).

      It tightens like a hiking pole or painter’s pole.  When held upright, just turn one section of the pole clockwise (righty), like the “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey” expression.  Sometimes it takes several revolutions at first before it is ready to hold and after that, it only takes a partial turn to unlock, or lock in place.

      Sometimes Aquablade users turn the blue part in the middle of the pole rather than just turning the yellow sections.  The blue part does not have a role in tightening.

      Poles can be like a ballpoint pen sometimes, so the internal mechanism might need a slight adjustment.  Just tap the pole on the floor a couple of times.   

      One other tip is when the pole is fully extended, there is not enough threading to tighten the unit.  While holding the pole at its longest extended length, slightly shorten it by about 1/2 inch or so to ensure the threading is exposed inside the pole. 

      These tips should work unless the pole is defective; we have found that these poles are quite reliable. The AquaBlade kit has a 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing. If tightening the pole does not work, just let us know, and we can proceed further.  Please call us toll-free at 1-800-668-1966 during business hours or email info@oceansales.ca.

      I am getting streaks. Am I doing something wrong?
      If there is a streak of water left behind when you swipe the Aquablade down your window, most likely there is debris, dust, or dirt on the silicone edge of the Aquablade. Just clean the edge of the blade with soapy water and a microfiber cloth, and the streak should no longer occur.

      As well, you need to push a little, “Bend the blade” when drawing the Aquablade down your window. This will help with getting the window or mirror properly cleaned and will also eliminate squeaking noises. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 104 reviews
    Aqua blade system

    I just used mine today for the first time. I did windows inside and outside plus mirrors.
    There are streaks everywhere. I’ve had to redo everything using a special window cloth. I did not expect to have to redo everything a second time. Extremely disappointed


    We understand that you may be experiencing some difficulties with getting the suds into the drip tray and achieving streak-free windows. We want to ensure you achieve optimal results with our product, and we're here to help!

    Here are some step-by-step instructions for using the AquaBLADE effectively and achieving streak-free windows:

    1. For optimal results with the AquaBLADE, we recommend the following:
    • Dip a microfiber cloth into water and wring out any excess moisture.
    • Apply a couple of drops of soap onto the microfiber cloth.
    • Work the soap into a lather on the cloth.
    • Gently swirl the soapy microfiber cloth around the window to loosen debris and create a smooth surface, making sure there is no water running or dripping.
    • Place the AquaBLADE flat against the window and pull the handle away from the window while keeping the silicone blade firmly against the surface. This will bend the silicone blade at a 90-degree angle.
    • Lightly slide the AquaBLADE down the window to remove the suds and debris.
    • The thick suds should successfully go into your drip tray without any leakage.
    2. To avoid streaks on your windows, ensure that:
    • The squeegee blade is clean and in good condition.
    • You use proper technique while cleaning, such as using even pressure and maintaining the correct angle of 90°
    • The window surface is clean and free from residue.
    • Your suds are thick and not running.
    • You avoid cleaning windows in high humidity conditions.
    For your convenience, we have attached a video clip that demonstrates the concentration of suds with soap and water using the AquaBLADE, showing that there is no dripping, sliding, or running water. You can also check out our YouTube video, skipping to the 1:45 mark for a demonstration of the AquaBLADE in action.

    Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNoalYCOy7Y

    We hope these instructions and additional resources are helpful in achieving the best results with your AquaBLADE and keeping your windows streak-free. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our product.


    I just purchased this at a flower & garden show. I was excited to use it to clean the bay windows and sliding glass doors at my home. The sales rep told me that this product was made it Italy which is part of the reason I purchased it. When I got it home and took it out of the bag there was a sticker on the pole "Made in China". The product does work, although it does leave streak marks. I guess I need to get used to it. However, had I known it was made in China, I would not have purchased it, especially not for the high price of $60.00. I feel I was bamboozled. If possible, I would return it for a full refund.

    Hello and thank you for contacting Ocean Sales Group.

    You had left a review regarding AquaBLADE. Although it sounds like you may have purchased from a different Distributor than us based on the show that you attended I wanted to address your concern. The AquaBLADE is made in Italy with the exception of the pole being made in China. The pole is the only part of the set that is made in China and our sales agents are typically very good at making mention of this.

    I am also including a video that may help you with the streaking that you mentioned in your comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C18gH4DVrY .

    I hope that this help, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything more we can answer or address for you.


    The scrubbing pad works good but the squeegee leaves water everywhere- the tray doesn’t catch anything. I end up having to clean the wall and floor after using the squeegee. Or my Norwex towel to finish the window

    Hello Tim! Thank you for your comment. Under separate email I am forwarding you information and a video on this. There are tips that will very much help you with this so that water is not going everywhere. Thank you.

    Ocean living causes dirty windows Aquablade is the solution!

    I love the Aquablade. It makes my windows so clean you have a hard time wondering if there is even glass there. My only concern is that the extended handle does not stay in place. You extend it to where you need it and just falls back to its smallest position even if you extend it all the way it won’t lock in place. Also I ordered the complete kit with carbon tuffs (I love them as well) and the small handle but I have lost the small handle somewhere which is so frustrating. But that is my fault. This product is amazing!

    Hello and thank you for contacting us regarding the AquaBlade. We are thrilled that you are loving your new window cleaning tool. Please check your email as an email with tips has been sent to you. Please do let us know if and how we an be of further assistance. Thank you.

    Pam OBrien

    I used to dread trying to clean my windows...it took forever to polish out the streaks. The AquaBlade Cleaner Kit has made this dreaded job a dream! I am not kidding! What used to take me an hour has been cut back to 25 minutes. I love this so much I buy them as gifts and recommend them highly.