Sleep. Study. Repeat.

Sleep. Study. Repeat.

Adapted from a story written by Kendall B.


One morning in mid-July, when the temperature had already reached the high twenties and I was sweating away in my work chair, I got a text from my mom.

Woman at her computer working

“Good morning. How did you sleep?”

We text a lot, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“Not great,” I replied. “I was pretty restless.”

She didn’t even give me a chance to ask about her sleep before she replied.

“Well I love my new ICYBamboo pillow and highly recommend it!!”

“Good to know. Glad you like it.”

“You should get one.”

“Maybe,” was my tepid response. But she wasn’t done yet.

“The cooling feature and being able to make your own thickness is incredible!”

“Are you getting paid for this?” I joked. Although, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. I’m not the soundest sleeper, and while that problem is more due to the stresses of being a college student than it is my pillow, it sure couldn’t hurt to have a new one. And besides – it was my first summer living in a house without air conditioning. The thought of having a pillow remain constantly cool no matter how stuffy my room got was definitely appealing.

College Classroom Lecture

I value sleep more than just about any other human function. Sleep is not only a crucial biological process, but is also essential for life. But despite its necessity, sleep complaints are the second-leading cause for seeking medical attention, with pain being the first.  According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, spinal alignment – or, good posture – is particularly important while you sleep, and a good pillow can help an individual get the support they need. ICYBamboo pillows, with their viscous bamboo-pulp derived fabric on one side and a cooling fabric on the other, are created to help support varying positions for a good night's rest -- which means no matter what sleep position you prefer, am ICYBamboo pillow will feel as if it was made for you.

Bamboo in natural setting 

Bamboo, aside from being a fast-growing, readily available crop, has the rare benefit of being naturally antimicrobialAntimicrobial properties in a material mean that bacteria are kept from clinging to the surface and are therefore unable to grow and thrive.  Overall, that’s a positive quality in a product that you put your face on every night. 

Bamboo is a natural fibre, which means that it is hypoallergenic, and is highly absorbent. It is thanks to the absorbency that bamboo pillows are naturally cool to the touch. But what is even cooler is the other side of the pillow's fabric with Cool Care Technology fabric.

Plus if your pillow is still feeling a bit heavy for your taste, the ICYBamboo pillow has an adjustable loft -- the inner stuffing can be removed to fit your preferences. This customization is one of the many reasons these pillows have such a diverse range of customers with varying sleep styles.

ICYBAmboo Pillow Adjustable Loft filling

Now, I’m naturally a skeptic. While difficult to pass up any pillow that has a five-star hotel quality, I had to be sure it would fit my needs. So, when I went home for August long weekend, my mom let me touch her pillow. Not sleep with it – she wouldn’t dare part with her new favourite purchase. But I was able to see if it would withstand the current heatwave that was blistering my hometown.

It was soft, supportive, and yes, cool to the touch. Sounds like the perfect pillow for me this year in college.

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