IcyBamboo Cooling Pillow

IcyBamboo Cooling Pillow

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Customize your best cool and comfortable sleep.

The IcyBamboo Cooling Pillow features bamboo, an adjustable loft, and Cool Care Technology so you can design your sleeping experience. One side of the pillow is natural bamboo which wicks moisture and heat so you can sleep comfortably any time of the year.

The inside has an adjustable loft so you can build the best pillow for you. This pillow was created for you to adjust to your sleep style. Whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or all three, the IcyBamboo pillow can be altered to fit your needs.

IcyBamboo Pillow Description Infographic

The second side of the pillow offers Cool Care Technology. This fabric is designed to be breathable and keep you cool during your sleep. It’s also more sustainable to produce than other natural materials such as cotton because it grows quicker. 

Product Details

  • Cool Care Technology that is breathable and keeps you cool while you sleep.
  • An adjustable loft to customize the best pillow for your needs.
  • Natural bamboo that wicks moisture and heat for a more comfortable rest.
  • Hypoallergenic material that adds relief for those with allergies.
  • Resistant to odors and bacteria to keep your bed healthier.

Shipping and Satisfaction Infographic 

Product Dimensions (Inches):

Queen: 27.5 * 17.5

King: 31.5 * 17.5

Product Weight (lbs):

Queen: 3.375 

King: 4.37


2 year limited against manufacturer's defects. 

  • My pillow is firmer than I expected.
    You can adjust your pillow to suit your sleep style. Remove and/or manipulate the foam inside. By doing this to your pillow, the memory foam will shape and contour to suit your needs. The longer you have your pillow, the more it will contour to your neck and sleep style.

Customer Reviews

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No rating yet - just purchased

Please email me the complete care instructions as the saleswoman did not tell us at the renovation show . Thank you

Not happy with pillows:(

We purchased a set of Queen size pillows at the Vancouver Fall Home Show on September 29th, 2023. We are not happy with the pillows, as was suggested by the person selling the pillows some people remove the foam to suit their comfort level. We have tried taking a significant amount of foam out each pillow. They are still too hard and do not help us have a good night's sleep. It it possible to return the pillows? (30 day guarantee)
Looking forward to your reply.

HI Shirley, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that you are not enjoying your pillows. At Ocean Sales we endeavour to deliver the best. Please do contact our office at 403.276.9772 or info@oceansales.ca and we will be happy to work with you on refund and/or exchange as you do have a 30 day money back guarantee. Have a wonderful day.

Jon P
Care Instructions

We purchased a set of this pillow recently. So far we liked the cool care technology and that it is adjustable. We've adjusted it twice by removing foam but do you have any tips to make it not as firm? And can you send us care instructions please. Thanks

Hi Jon, Thank you for your comment and feedback. A member of our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you soon to address your questions.


We just bought 2 of these pilllows but I have a few questions before using them.
It says spot clean and air dry only. So…no washing machine? Are we supposed to use them with a pillow case?

Hi Darla! We hope your sleep is twice as good with your two new pillows. We're sending you an email for the full care instructions so you can have the best experience!


I don’t know how to make this pillow so it doesn’t feel like my head is on a rock. I have removed foam, and it doesn’t help. Can you tell me a solution?

Hi Sandy! We are sorry to read you are struggling with the pillow, our customer service team will reach out by email with options for you :)