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Sleeping with Silk - Dreamy...

Sleeping with Silk - Dreamy...

Not getting a continuous good night of sleep can impact my health quite quickly. Here's how I keep sleep a priority and an essential to my well-being.

“I love my Mulberry Silk bedding and have used it for years. My silk-filled duvet is so breathable and easy to care for. I find comfort in the way it drapes over my body as silk does... it's so comfortable! Then there are my silk pillowcases. I have so many other sets of sheets in the house and never use the pillowcases they came with. I wash my Mulberry Silk often to ensure the quality of my sleep. I think sleeping on straightened hair and waking up to a "good hair day" the next day is amazing too! I also like that I no longer wake up with marks on my face as I did with pillowcases made of other materials. I highly recommend our variety of silk bedding products - they are worth the money. ”

—Lisha S., Sr. Project Manager

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