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Do you ever find yourself sweating in your sleep, tossing and turning and throwing your blanket on the floor only to wake up "freezing"?  This summer is set to be a hot one, and there is nothing worse than going to bed and not being able to get or stay comfortable.

We often recommend our Therasilk and Mulberry Silk Bedding for those who have challenges with their current duvet not staying at a comfortable temperature while they sleep.  Silk offers a ton of benefits that we would love to share with you.  You may be happy with your current bedding; however, if you suffer from allergies, menopause, night sweats or a stuffy sleep experience, silk may be a great option for you.  Let us explain.

Silk is an intelligent idea in bedding as it is nature’s own cocoon that is cool in the summer yet warm in the winter.  It gently reflects body warmth without overheating as it is a reflector, not an insulator.  Being the most breathable of natural fibers it does not trap heat but rather stabilizes with body temperature. Therefore two people of differing body types can both be comfortable with a silk duvet of this caliber. Silk also has the natural ability to wick away moisture and keep the body dry. Humidity is not conducive to comfort at any temperature.

Another great thing about silk is that it is naturally a very clean fiber and non-allergenic.  It is used every day by doctors to suture during surgery.  Dust mites do not like silk and mold, mildew and bacteria do not thrive in silk.  Silk is a great choice for those with allergies, asthma or eczema.  It is also washable, thereby avoiding dry cleaning chemicals and costs.

The longevity of silk is second to none. The silk fiber is the second strongest of the natural fibers which are why parachutes and bulletproof vests were once made of pure silk.  Silk does not break down over the years as you wash it (which you can do in a front loader) and because it fails to degenerate there are no airborne particulates -- no dust!

And last but by no means least, the comfort of silk... The difference between silk and ANY other fiber in terms of its comfort is that it is very lightweight and moldable. It gently holds the body at the right temperature without overheating.

Some characteristics of silk:
-It has the tensile strength of steel
-Each fiber is 1500-2000 feet in length
-Has a great sheen (hence its reflective quality)
-It reflects away the environment and regulates one's temperature which the brain finds comfortable (so no perspiring or shivering to adjust body comfort)
-30% elastic and return ability

As with anything, there are many grades of silk.  We use the highest AAA grade, long-strand Bombyx Mori silk.  Most silk duvets on the market are made of mixed grades and are not washable (dry clean only).  Some will even say they are made with long silk; however, very few will say made entirely of long-strand silk. There is a difference. Short wild silk is not washable, is lumpy and has a slightly musty smell.  These duvets do not drape as well over the body and are not as long-lasting, though they are silk.

Through consumer shows and via our website you can purchase Therasilk Duvets, Serenity Silk Pillow Cases, Serenity Silk Pillows and Mulberry Silk Mattress Pad/Pillow Protector sets.  

If you want to stay cool this summer and have the best sleep imaginable, give silk a try.  You'll be glad you did.

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