Sew Much Time on Her Hands

Sew Much Time on Her Hands

What do you do with your free time now that social distancing is the new norm?

Weekends are spent very differently in our house now. No more going out with family and friends, no more shopping on the weekends to “just browse”...

I have spent my extra “inside” weekend time on miscellaneous hobby projects. I have been listening to old music from my youth on Spotify (a major trip down memory lane!), along with a hot cup of tea and quilting.

Almost a year ago I started making lap quilts for fun. Making a full-sized quilt seemed to be too big of a commitment, but a lap quilt seemed just right! Also, quilting is very forgiving when it comes to sizing- if it looks too small just add a border. I have an abundance of fabric and thought this would be a great way to use it up.

My abundance of fabric came from my thoughtful husband. Every time he had a dress shirt that was too worn to donate or had a stain that the cleaners could remove; he would “donate” his shirt to my fabric stash. At the time I was grateful, as I never like to see good fabric go to waste. Well, the stash of fabric has gotten out of control as he has spring-cleaned his closet as well!

I have made several lap quilts that have combined his old dress shirts with a sprinkling of new fabrics. I love that no two quilts are the same- each with their own personality! I am now gifting them to family/friends for milestone birthdays and new babies. I am also planning on making a series of lap quilts to donate to seniors’ homes as well.

So many quilting ideas I have and not enough weekend time to make them all! But I feel great accomplishment when I do complete a new quilt. I will also be thrilled when there is space back in my “fabric” closet. I can’t wait until the fabric stores are open again, as I need some new editions to mix in with the reclaimed fabrics. The ideas never end…

Article posted by Lisha and written by Krystlle, our office's amazing Executive Assistant! Krystylle has been with us for a couple of years now and has tried many of our products.

She definitely has her favourites... you can read more by checking out her staff pick for cleaning here.


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