Canadian Thanksgiving has just passed and Halloween, American Thanksgiving and more holidays are just around the corner. This means there are a ton of gatherings, parties, and events to plan and/or make food for. It also means extra busy schedules, a bit more stress and the need to fit in a good night's sleep wherever possible!

First, let's talk food preparation made easy.  Nothing beats the ease of cooking a meal with our German made Woll cookware. Diamond-coated, with professional stainless steel lids, this cookware offers extraordinary non-stick properties and perfectly even cooking surfaces. One of my favourite things to make in these pans are eggs, pancakes and parmesan crisps for appetizers. It is so easy to flip food - no sticking and no mess! I also love making sauces in them.... a rich cheese or alfredo sauce cooks perfectly without burning to the bottom. They truly are a cook's dream come true. You can purchase Woll via our website, or better yet at Costco value pricing via Costco special events. See our Show Schedule for the next Woll roadshow near you.

Second, let's visit stress.  Ew, the awful feeling of stress! We all know it is harmful to our health; however, at this time of year, often busy schedules do nothing but create more of it. A great way to deflate and reduce stress is via massage. Some people love their back to be rubbed, and others their temples and sinuses. Did you know we offer a few different affordable and portable options for massage? Save the trip to the therapist and in as little as 15 minutes, you can reduce your stress level and deflate with a relaxing massage. Popular sellers are our German designed Quattromed or our Smart Living Eye Massager. Our website makes ordering these a breeze... but, if you are looking to order multiples for gifts or are seeking a show special price, simply contact our office.

Third and lastly, let's talk about getting a good night's sleep.  Creating a haven in your bedroom is proven to contribute to how well a person sleeps... a sanctuary of rest, if you will, filled with quality bedding and fantastic pillows! Perhaps you suffer from allergies and need a product that assists with reducing allergens? Or maybe you need a firm pillow that offers great support? Our Mulberry long-strand silk-filled bedding is a popular choice for those with allergies and our Hotel Comfort bamboo pillow for those seeking a firm and luxurious pillow. Show special pricing is available, and our Mulberry Silk bedding is available exclusively via Costco special events.  

So, whatever your plans may be through this busy and festive season, be sure to rest, eat right and be well. Cheers to you, and let the holiday fun continue!

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