Love, Work & Play: Ocean Style

This February, with LOVE in the air, we thought we’d ask some of our staff about a few of their LOVES... at work and at play.

We received some great answers, to three simple questions, from a variety of our team.  Here’s what they had to say:

What do you love about your profession?

Deb, Exhibits Coordinator: “The diversity of things I do, no two days are the same.”

Nick, Logistics Manager: “The challenge.  Being the Logistics Manager at Ocean Sales is never boring; there is always something new to test my skills as an employee and as a person. 

Wanda, Sales Professional: ... there are things that reward me and remind me that I'm in the right profession.  Positive feelings when I'm able to sell a product that I believe in and get rewarded when helping out many consumers. I enjoy doing product launches, accolades from others, the chances to travel to various cities and states to just mention a few!”

Courtney, Bilingual CSR: I love that I am able to connect with many people every day... Each person has a different story than the other and is just as important as the last.  Another benefit that I love about my job is that I am able to work in two languages. I have found it far more difficult living in Western Canada to continue to use both languages, however as Ocean Sales Ltd. does business across Canada they give me the opportunity to use both French and English.

Derek, Logistics: I love that I get to do some traveling and also the physical aspect of the job – it really keeps me in good shape.”

Jan, Sales Professional: “I love the environment of Costco.  Each Costco is its own unique place with all different people that become a big family. I love being able to blossom where I am planted and believing in each product. I have done retail in stores and personally could never go back to feeling I am put in a box. I love setting goals each day and also feel I get paid what I am worth.”

What do you love about working for Ocean Sales?

Ron, Sales Professional: Ocean Sales is a very professional organization and gives you every opportunity to succeed.” 

Derek, Logistics: Love the people!!  Everyone is friendly and ready to help out.”

Jan, Sales Professional: “ loyal Barbara and George are to their employees.  Also, everyone works in the office as a team in a professional manner and with such open communication.  I also love how there is so much encouragement and appreciation when you have a great sales day...

Simon, Exhibits Manager: “Catching Dan eating chocolates in the kitchen. 

Deb, Exhibits Coordinator: “The people.”

Nick, Logistics Manager: “The people.  Ocean Sales is an amazing team of hard-working individuals.  However, as individual, as we all are, when we work together, we are able to conquer any task.  We are like a family!”

What do you love to do for fun outside of work?

Jan, Sales Professional: Walk the seawall in Vancouver, swim, go to the gym with my daughters and to my favourite thrift stores to find treasures.”

Ron, Sales Professional: “I enjoy having 2 weeks or more off at a time [in between shows]. I like to golf and ride my motorcycle.”

Simon, Exhibits Manager: “Spend time with family.

Courtney, Bilingual CSR: “There is nothing better than breathing in the mountain air and in Calgary the mountains are only a short drive away!

Derek, Logistics: I play in a rock band called The Press Gang.  We went on a cross Canada tour in October.  I also took up skiing and absolutely love it.”

Wanda, Sales Professional: When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling to different parts of the world. Seeing new things, new people and their cultures, exploring their countries and shops...”

As we posted the other day, we love our customers... and we also LOVE our staff.  Our team may be a smaller group, but we produce mighty results through hard work and dedication.  Ocean Sales’ staff works together to ensure our customers get the very best products and customer service, always.  At work or play, our exceptional team is certainly a diverse bunch!  Lucky us.

Oh, and, we  what we do. 
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