Healthy Month, Healthy Heart

Healthy Month, Healthy Heart

Could THIS be one of your BEST health allies?

Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. Let's be real! We are so focused on living our busy lives, that taking the extra time to maintain good health may not always be a top priority. 

BUT with February being #heartmonth, it's been inspiring us to show you that it doesn't take much to stay and live well 😉. It's all about one positive step at a time! 

And over the past while, you've maybe heard us mention our top-selling supplement line called TurmeriX® and have wondered "how can I benefit from taking turmeric?". Well, did you know that turmeric is a leading natural health food?

It is! In fact, turmeric is one of the most potent natural whole foods in the world and contains a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants are a contributing factor to keeping our immune system healthy and strong. So, many continuing studies have been uncovering all the incredible benefits of this golden spice. In fact, ayurvedic medicine has traditionally used turmeric for its potent, anti-inflammatory properties.

OK, but why take TurmeriX®?

Although ingesting this spice on its own is all well and good, raw turmeric alone does not get absorbed well by the body -- whether it’s a powder, capsule, or even the root itself. Without activators, the health benefits are minimalized. 

This is why our TurmeriX® blend has not only the highest-grade turmeric available in it, but over a dozen other powerful ingredients as well, including essential activators such as black pepper (piperine) and a healthy fat (coconut powder), to help the body achieve maximum absorption. This is what sets us apart and how you can truly reap the health benefits of turmeric!

What other benefits may I see?

While inflammation is an important and healthy function of the body in the fight against viruses, bacteria, and other nasty invasions, it’s an unpleasant (and even concerning) condition when it gets out of control! Aside from being extremely uncomfortable, long-term inflammation is not suitable for typical over-the-counter remedies, as they can carry undesirable side effects and health risks when used for an extended period.

One of the primary reasons turmeric powder is good for you is that it’s an extremely potent, natural anti-inflammatory. Since inflammation is associated with so many ailments, turmeric can be used to relieve pain, swelling and other symptoms of inflammation in a variety of contexts. It’s been found to be particularly popular for sufferers of osteoarthritis, for example.

May TurmeriX® help with heart health?

With its ability to help reduce inflammation and increase oxidation, turmeric may also improve overall heart health.

Studies show that turmeric may help improve the function of the lining of your blood vessels and potentially repair tissue as well. Hence, this may help regulate blood pressure, blood clotting, and other factors vital to a healthy heart.

Turmeric may also be helpful when used along side of medication for managing cholesterol. Research has shown that curcumin (the 1-2 punch in turmeric) is safe and may protect those at risk for heart disease by lowering certain levels of cholesterol -- though more study is needed to look at how much and what type is effective.

There really are so many things to say about this wonderful and effective supplement... but don't take our word for it! If you'd like to learn more, we welcome you to check out some of the reviews we've received from people that have made TurmeriX® part of their daily health regimen. Reviews on our soluble powder (the line's top-seller) can be found here.

Until next time, stay well, stay healthy, and stay positive everyone!


 "Live better, we'll show you how."




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