Oceansales Veterans Food Drive

Doing our part in making our communities a better place is something many of us take pride in.  It is so easy to get caught up in today's busy world though and forget the little things that help those around us.

This year, you may choose to help a neighbour, shovel a sidewalk, donate to a shelter or food bank... the simplest of gestures can mean so much to those that may not be capable of performing a basic task through to affording the most basic of foods.

This past week, the team at Ocean Sales has proudly been gathering inter-office donations for the Veterans Food Drive.  It is one of our ways of saying thank you to our community.  We are coming to a close for this drive and are excited to drop off donations to the Canadian Legacy Project within the next few days.  This is their 10th annual effort.  To learn more about the cause, go to:

Small efforts such as this are also great for team building and boosting office morale.  It is a win-win for everyone.  Ask yourself, what small action or donation could help your community today?  No gesture is ever too small

The season of giving is definitely upon us.  Gratitude is also in the air... #GivingBack #Veterans #CommunitySpirit

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