Sparkle + Shine Package

Sparkle + Shine Package

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Introducing our value-priced Sparkle + Shine Package, comprised of some of our most popular cleaning essentials!

Elevate your cleaning game with the ultimate collection of superior cleaning tools. This package is designed to make your cleaning routine a breeze while achieving that sparkling, streak-free shine in your home.

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Take it from a pro “Every single one of my staff @GOCLEANCO carries the AquaBLADE, it is the fastest, most efficient way to clean windows.” - Sarah, General of GoCleanCo


About the AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit with Extra Extension Pole

Cleaning your windows has never been easier or more satisfying. This Italian-made AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit is the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts:

  • Kit includes 1 small AquaBLADE, 1 large AquaBLADE, 1 microfiber scrubber attachment, 1 short and 1 long pole, a bonus Velcro scrubber cloth, and 1 extra long pole too!
  • Blades are crafted with high-grade, patented silicone for effortless, streak-free cleaning.
  • Backed by European craftsmanship and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit

About the CARBON Tuff Cloths + Pads Set

Discover the power of carbon for a streak-free, residue-less home. Embrace these remarkable cleaning cloths and pads:

  • Set includes three color-coded cloths for efficient room-specific cleaning, along with two scrubbing pads for grime removal and surface polishing. Plus one mini cloth!
  • Achieve antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-static cleaning, reducing dust build-up on surfaces.
  • Machine washable for reuse.

CARBON Tuff Cloth + Pad Set

About the CARBON Tuff Minis

One of the newest additions to our CARBON lineup - the CARBON Tuff Minis, the perfect set of cleaning cloths for smaller tasks:

  • Crafted from ultra-strong and durable carbon fiber for effortless cleaning on the go.
  • Known for antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-static properties, leaving surfaces residue and streak-free.
  • Ideal for eyeglasses, cell phones, and tablets, making them the best polishing cloths you'll ever own.

CARBON Tuff Scrubbies and Minis

About the CARBON Tuff Scrubbies

Meet the versatile and eco-friendly CARBON Tuff Scrubbies, designed for effective and sustainable cleaning:

  • Features a more abrasive carbon fiber weave on one side and a softer waffle weave on the other for versatile cleaning options.
  • Set of three reusable and washable scrubbies that can be used with soap and water or your preferred cleaning solution.
  • Built with extra-strong carbon fibers for easy cleaning and lasting durability.

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Sparkle + Shine Package, combining the power of carbon with innovative cleaning tools for a home that sparkles and shines. You can truly transform your cleaning experience with this comprehensive collection


PS -- Watch informative + helpful videos in our FAQ section...

Product Dimensions (Inches):

AquaBLADE: Large blade 12 x 4.75 x 2.25, Smaller blade 8 x 4.5 x 2.25, Handle (quantity 1) 13.75 x 1 x 1, Long Pole(s) not extended 31 ¼ inches or 79.5 cm, extended 56 ¼ inches or 143 cm., accessories various sizes

CARBON Tuffs: Set includes 3 cleaning cloths 18 x 15.5 (each), 2 cleaning pads 10.5 x 7.5 (each), and 1 eyeglass cloth.

Scrubbies: Set of 3, round scrubbing pads (two-sided) approx. 4" in diameter each

Minis: Set of 5 cleaning cloths 7.5 x 5.5 (approx. each)

Product Weight (lbs):

.14 to 2  


1 to 2-year limited against manufacturer's defects.

  • What is the best solution to use to clean my windows?
    We recommend no more than three drops of dish liquid and about 1 TBSP of vinegar to 1 L of water. This solution offers cost-effective and brilliant shine results.
  • Will my Aquablade fit on any broom handle or extension pole?
    As of approximately March 2020, our shipment of AquaBLADEs now fits both European and North American threading for extension poles. It seems that the cleaner head does not thread completely to the end of the threading on a North American pole (you still see a bit of threading but that is fine). Prior to this, it was only compatible with European threading.

    I cannot seem to tighten my AquaBLADE pole (or keep it extended).

    To tighten, make sure you are turning the yellow parts of the pole in opposite directions for several rotations until it holds. It tightens like a hiking pole, or painter’s pole. When held upright, the top (thicker) section of the pole needs to be turned clockwise, like the “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey” saying. Sometimes it takes more than one revolution at first before it is ready to hold and after that, it only takes a partial turn to unlock, or lock in place.

    Sometimes AquaBLADE users turn the blue part in the middle of the pole rather than just turning the yellow sections. The blue part does not have a role in tightening, so keep your hands on the yellow sections only.

    Poles can be like a ballpoint pen sometimes, so the internal mechanism might need a slight adjustment. Hold the pole upright (with the threaded end upwards) and just tap the pole on the floor a couple of times.

    One other tip is when the pole is fully extended, there is not enough threading to tighten the unit. While holding the pole at its longest extended length, slightly shorten it by about 1/2 inch or so to ensure the threading is exposed inside the pole.

    These tips should work unless the pole is defective; we have found that these poles are quite reliable. The AquaBlade kit has a 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing. If you are still having challenges, please call us toll-free at 1-800-668-1966 during business hours or email info@oceansales.ca.

    I am getting streaks. Am I doing something wrong?
    If there is a streak of water left behind when you swipe the Aquablade down your window, most likely there is debris, dust, or dirt on the silicone edge of the Aquablade. Just clean the edge of the blade with soapy water and a microfiber cloth, and the streak should no longer occur.

    As well, you need to push a little, “Bend the blade” when drawing the Aquablade down your window. This will help with getting the window or mirror properly cleaned and will also eliminate squeaking noises.

    • How do I use and care for my CARBONTuff Cloths?
      Nearly any type of cleaning spray is recommended! Please note that cleaning products containing bleach may damage or discolour the cloths. 
      Washing instructions:
      Washing these in the washer and dryer is fine; however, we do not recommend fabric softener as it can leave a residue that leaves film when cleaning in the cloth. We highly recommend hanging to dry for longevity and best results. 

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