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Smart Living Ceramic Cookware -- the healthy and affordable cooking choice with the Swiss ILAG Coating!

Key Features: 
  • PFOA & PTFE Free.
  • Work on induction, ceramic, gas, and electric stoves.
  • Superior Swiss ILAG non-stick coating.

Smart Living Ceramic Cookware is durable and produced with a heavy gauge aluminum combined with a thick ceramic interior. The construction of this high-quality cookware provides even heat distribution, efficient cooking, and long-lasting usage.

The hard ceramic interior of these pans also promotes healthy cooking by lessening the need to cook with fats and oils. Smart Living pans have a superior Swiss ILAG non-stick coating, making them excellent for frying and sautéing.

Suitable for use on the following heat sources: ceramic, induction, gas, and electric. Pans in this 3-piece set are 28cm, 24cm, and 20cm (large, medium, and small) in size. Choose from multiple colours!

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Product Dimensions (Inches):

15 x 8.5 x 2.5 (20cm pan)

17.5 x 10 x 2.5 (24cm pan) 

19 x 11.5 x 3 (28cm pan)

Product Weight (lbs):

1.5 (20cm)

2 (24cm)

2.5 (28cm)


3 year limited against manufacturer's defects.

Care & FAQ's

  • Food is starting to stick to my pot. 
It is important to heat the pan for 1-2 minutes first. After the pan has heated, add a very small amount of oil just before adding the ingredients you want to pre-fry or sauté before adding other ingredients. To keep the use of oil/butter minimal (recommended), simply use a paper towel to wipe the pan with your chosen cooking oil. This way the oil will not become volatile from overheating as this can affect the coating.
  • I accidentally burnt food in my pot and now I cannot get it clean. 
After soaking the pan for 1 hour in mild soap and water, we encourage you to use a soft sponge (no abrasives) to remove any remaining debris. If this doesn't work, try using a bit of rhubarb; fill the pan with water and the rhubarb and simmer the solution for about 20 minutes to naturally help remove the carbonized food.

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