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Woll EDGE - a cut above.

Key Features:
  • Precise German design.
  • Made with German steel.
  • Perfectly balanced.
  • Ice-hardened.
  • Quality craftsmanship.

The Woll Edge chef knife is German designed and made with ice-hardened German stainless steel. This knife is our most popular, all-around knife. It allows you to easily cut fine slices of onions and pieces of meat -- chop, rock and slice with ease. Woll EDGE knives are forged in one piece, keeping bacteria from seeping into the handles. This series can be bought individually, allowing you to build a customized set. These perfectly balanced knives are a "must-have" for any kitchen.


Product Dimensions (Inches):

6.5" blade

Product Weight (lbs):



2 year limited against manufacturer's defects.

Care & FAQ's

1. WOLL EDGE™ knives are dishwasher safe; however, we recommend hand washing them with lukewarm water and mild soap for product longevity. Dishwashers can dull and damage high-quality knives over time (e.g. discolouration, chipping from rubbing against other items, extreme heat exposure, etc.).

2. Store knives in a quality knife block, sleeve or on a magnetic knife bar. Abrasion with other knives in alternate storage may damage or chip knives. Storing knives properly also helps to prevent potential injury.

3. No stainless steel is 100% stainless. Damage can occur from acidic foods (e.g. tomatoes, citrus) if left on a knife for an extended period. A non-abrasive metal polish may be used to remove any discolouration from misuse.

4. With the exception of the Chef Knife (cleaver), WOLL EDGE™ knives should not be used to cut through bone or frozen foods. These knives should not be used to pry open bottles, jars or cans.

5. Be sure to use a smooth, quality cutting surface when using WOLL EDGE™ knives. We recommend wood, bamboo and polyethylene cutting boards. Surfaces such as granite, porcelain, glass and the like can dull and/or damage knives.

6. Use a quality steel, handheld or electric sharpener for sharpening knives at home. Optimally, seek professional assistance. For the serrated knife, professional sharpening is required.

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