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USA customers visit FREE Shipping orders $49.99+.* Cdn. N. Territories not incl.


New Year 2017

Many celebrations have passed, and New Year’s Eve is almost here.  It’s a time of reflection for many, and also a time to set goals for a brighter and better New Year.

2016 presented many difficulties globally and was not a favourite year for many.  However, for some, it was a shining star.  Although it had its challenges, this year Ocean Sales was fortunate to win some awards and introduce a few new products.  We’re definitely excited to see what 2017 has in store for us, are you?

Seeing how 2017 starts in just a few days though, let’s talk about resolutions.  Are you a fan or foe?  A lot of folks fall in-between, secretly making resolutions but not telling others or making a big deal out of it.  Of course, resolutions typically fall around health, career, (saving) money, finding true love.... life’s big hopes and dreams.  These are some big and scary areas for change.  Let’s face it, the idea of failure is often what holds people back or has some saying:  “I hate resolutions, they never work!”  Well, we encourage you to believe in yourself and positive change.

If you are a fan of resolutions and plan on starting the New Year off with a bang, we applaud you.  And if you’re open to helping, here are a few Ocean Sales products we suggest to assist you with your resolutions:

MAXBURN – A vibrating fitness plate that increases circulation, works your core and improves overall balance and strength.  It is a truly efficient workout partner.  You can read more about the Maxburn here.

CASADA OR QUATTROMED MASSAGERS – Portable massage devices that help you relax, release tension and improve your overall health by reducing stress and improving circulation.  

SMART LIVING EYE MASSAGER – If getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge for you, this is a fantastic addition to a pre-sleep routine.  Sleep is very important... without quality sleep, our health and heart suffer.  A good sleep = a happy you.  

TRU-SLICE MANDOLINE – Is eating right something on your list?  When vegetables are interesting in shape and texture, we tend to eat more.  This mandolin comes with all sorts of blades to ensure chef-quality cuts to your produce in minutes.  

WOLL DIAMOND LITE PRO-SERIES COOKWARE – Another way to eat right is by reducing fats and oils in your cooking.  This 100% German-made cookware allows you to cook oil-free with its superior non-stick properties.  And the best part is, you can purchase Woll through Costco Special events at value pricing.  See if we are coming to a city near you by visiting: our show schedule or Costco's Special Events listings.

As many know, our motto is:  Live Better. We’ll Show You How and we’re very grateful to be part of many households and lifestyles.  Should you decide to set some resolutions this year, all of us at Ocean Sales wish you much success Cheers to you!